May you have the happiest birthday, Beth! I ran out of ideas; I was staring at Photoshop for literally one hour, and I just clicked things, and I was able to make you this. This may not be the best thing ever, but I did try to make you something. I love you so much, Beth. You’re one of my first closest friends on here (Courtney is the other one) and I’m really glad you’re one of them. I was gone for two whole months, but you were still there. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out. Oh, how I wish (that was me jk) I can see you in person and hug you. I swear, I would do that if I see you. But yeah, I hope you enjoy your day! Love you a lot.

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    OH MY GOD EUNICE I WANT TO CRY you are literally so sweet ososmfdgbjwfhbsdjhfg this is the best thing ever :’) i lvoe...
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